is a training concept designed to support employees exposed to mental and physical violence by clients in their workplace. It extends employees‘ skills to deal with conflicts. This contributes to occupational safety at work.



Employees who are trained according to the UCM concept learn:

  • How to be supported by conflict resolution based on ethical values, dignity and security of all involved
  • Theories of stress and factors that influence aggressive behaviour
  • Reflection on employees‘ own attitudes, motivation and professionalism
  • Preparation required to work with potentially aggressive clients
  • Training self-control skills to improve their skills, to deal with difficult situations
  • Knowledge required to identify triggers and understand reasons for aggressive behaviour
  • A framework for assessing levels of danger in emergency situations and selecting appropriate measures
  • Methods for the prevention, de-escalation and solving of conflicts; crisis communication
  • Methods of dealing with aggressive behaviour and self-protection techniques
  • Ways to document, review and manage experienced crisis situations

UCM Chapter 1, Sheet Background
UCM Chapter 1, Sheet Background


UCM was first developed for SOS Childrens Village International. It is aimed primarily at institutions that work pedagogically, but can also be used successfully in clinics, public authorities, the disabled and old people’s homes.

UCM is based on many years of experience of the development team and is based on the practice-proven PART® concept in the German-language version of 2017 (Papenberg).

Training of Trainers

We offer five-day certificate courses for the UCM in-house trainer. UCM is conducted in English by UCM instructors.
The certificate entitles the trainers to conduct two-day UCM basic courses for other employees in their institution.

The English-language training concept is used outside of Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

UCM Instructor Team

Ilona Kraus

Ilona Hofmann

Wolfgang Papenberg

Wolfgang Papenberg

Prof. Dr. Nick Smiar

Prof. Dr. Nick Smiar

UCM is a product of PART-Training GmbH, Germany

Ms. Ilona Hofmann, coordinator


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